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Known simply as “Elaine” in the quantum healing and alternative medicine arena, Aryn Elaine is a pioneer of healing and energy medicine, complementing and integrating with psychology, Western and holistic medicine to increase their efficacy. Aryn Elaine is the founder of Healing Elaine®: Bridging the Gap between Medical and Spiritual®, a healing, and consulting (TEM®) practice. Over the past decade, Aryn Elaine has worked with thousands of diverse individuals, helping them to alleviate serious and debilitating conditions. Her areas of expertise include depression and anxiety, trauma, PTSD, infertility and cancer. Many of Aryn Elaine’s patients are among society’s notable and famous: psychologists, scientists, physicians and medical doctors, C-level executives, diplomats, public figures and fellow healers - all of whom continue to vouch for her incredible ability to heal seemingly impossible cases within the shortest time possible. Aryn Elaine has empowered herself to heal herself, and hence others, via pattern-breaking therapeutic modalities. In her professional healing practice, Healing Elaine®, Aryn Elaine helps patients destroy their negative and PTSD narratives - and they subsequently make drastically positive life changes. Many patients have reported a full recovery from anxiety, pain, undiagnosed or mystery illness, and cancer. Over half a dozen of her female patients who were once unable to conceive reported healthy pregnancies and deliveries in 2017 alone. A number of Aryn Elaine’s patients have documented both written and video testimonials that outline elements of their experience and healing process with Aryn Elaine, and how they began to heal. Many consider the results of their work with Aryn Elaine to be miraculous. Her practice has received recognition for its unprecedented results from both Forbes Magazine and Thrive Global. Spanning over a decade, Aryn Elaine has worked with handi-capable children and adults serving underprivileged populations as an educator, healer and specialist. Her newest initiative, Pediatric Energy® (PE™), serves extra-sensitive children and youth. Aryn Elaine has roughly a decade of experience in the corporate sector as well, including the software, advertising, and finance industries, and she has developed a successful career in acting and film production. Aryn Elaine has appeared in several films, and in a variety of televisions shows, such as “All My Children” and “Ugly Betty.” As an artist, she continues to examine opportunities that support her passion for creative energetic exchange and expression (acting) through the biggest tool for change that exists today: multimedia. In 2010, Aryn Elaine launched NYRA Productions™, a company that has co-produced and collaborated on a number of theater projects, independent films and television shows. NYRA Productions™ is currently in pre-production on the TV Series “Great Awakening”. A writer and author, Aryn Elaine has published a series of works which can be purchased via her website Her work in the multimedia field has also led to external interest and opportunities for her ghostwriting, content development, and executive creation for television and film projects focused on scientific, medical and metaphysical subject matter. Healing Elaine® is currently working on The Healing Elaine® Show, which features former HE® patients/clients as guests as well as contributors. Aryn Elaine holds a BA from Northeastern University, and a degree in Modern Languages from Universidad de Granada in Granada, Spain.

——— FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: Healing Elaine® / Elaine is a Healer and Ordained Minister, but is not a physician, dietitian, nutritionist, or psychotherapist. Her advice, workshops, written content, and healing sessions are considered supplementary in nature and should not be a replacement for conventional medicine or psychiatric care. Please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailments you may be suffering or think you may have. By attending any seminar, class or session provided by Healing Elaine® / Elaine, you acknowledge that in no event will (Healing Elaine® / Elaine) be liable in any way directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information, data, classes or healing sessions provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, negligence or other actions.

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