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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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welcome new members! how to engage...

to engage with commentary or watch videos you will need a monthly premium subscription. I will do a welcome video soon (eventually), explaining why I started this locals community and how to use it. there are many posts that are marked "premium support", and they vary from book club to live chat events to my upcoming TV show The Healing Elaine® Show™ to posts that other users or I have marked private -- and you can engage with them if you like with a premium subscription. I will announce upcoming book clubs and live chats, and you may throw a topic of your choice into the ring for consideration! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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new members

first, WELCOME! and an update for new members: if you can, please use your real name for transparency. if you are concerned about your privacy and safety (something I can relate to!), use a pseudonym. I do go through and vet each member anyhow, because I intend to keep this platform "clean"; however, I can not vouch for each person who posts here and what their overall wellness or stability actually is. the internet (and life!) is forever tricky. with that said, if you are a new member, please announce/introduce yourself and say why you are here. in order to do that, you will have to support/premium subscribe -- support/premium subscription (which goes up incrementally as time goes by, and new members are grandfathered in at the new monthly fee) allows you to engage and watch my exclusive videos that I don't share on any other tech / big tech / censored platform. I also own © all of my content here. in addition, most of my content here is set to premium subscription mode only. as my ...

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hi All! I am getting the hang of this thing (called technology) and this new platform, locals. for those of you whom I already know, it will be great if you can use a real first name and at least last name initial, or a variation of such. however, not a big deal if you prefer to stay anon! in the near future, as in this year, I will be releasing material that will be exclusive to this platform. I am in the process of organizing that material and content, and figuring out how to flush it all out. there will be some premium subscription-based services, and that baseline subscription fee for this platform will go up incrementally over time (new members get grandfathered in at the new monthly rate, old members keep the same monthly premium subscription rate); there will be different tiers with new/exclusive content pending how I can make this all work. I'm so glad to be able to connect with my community here, off of the big tech grid. I'll be creating a set of "rules" as well, that ensure ...

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