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November 18, 2022
String theory, trauma and "mistakes"

We will be doing a live chat on this one next week! Wednesday November 23rd at 2pm CST. Will you be around?


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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Live chatted 11/23/2022
November 21, 2022
November 19, 2022
Video clip about my platforms
Enjoy this clip from episode one of The Healing Elaine® Show

Become a premium subscriber to watch episode one of The Healing Elaine® Show here at healingelaine.locals.com.

I learned a lot from the first episode which was shot in February 2021 - there are plenty of production and audio issues, etc...however nothing is more important than content! I will get better at this process and I am also looking for show sponsors. I have dozens of guests (my former patients and clients) lined up for future episodes, and I am covering topics and concepts no one else is touching.

Things are coming along.

new members

first, WELCOME! and an update for new members: if you can, please use your real name for transparency. if you are concerned about your privacy and safety (something I can relate to!), use a pseudonym. I do go through and vet each member anyhow, because I intend to keep this platform "clean"; however, I can not vouch for each person who posts here and what their overall wellness or stability actually is. the internet (and life!) is forever tricky. with that said, if you are a new member, please announce/introduce yourself and say why you are here. in order to do that, you will have to support/premium subscribe -- support/premium subscription (which goes up incrementally as time goes by, and new members are grandfathered in at the new monthly fee) allows you to engage and watch my exclusive videos that I don't share on any other tech / big tech / censored platform. I also own © all of my content here. in addition, most of my content here is set to premium subscription mode only. during a ...

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Vaccine shedding

How many of you believe in vaccine shedding, and what do you think the symptoms are?

Obviously I have a ton of clients friends and acquaintances who took the shot, and others who did not. All report different experiences.

The most important thing to focus on - jab or no jab - is your physical / mental / spiritual health. I would rather jump off a bridge than get the jab but that doesn't mean I'm not routinely focused on my health given Lord knows what is airborne at any given time courtesy of person place or thing.

Maybe we should do a chat about this?

Celestial litigation and soul contracts

My lady Sarah suggested we live chat on this one ... whether you read it or not, do you have any thoughts on the below sentiment?

"Soul contracts are broken by the sheer will to avoid and bypass the high road between ourself and another person - which would have otherwise led to expansion and glory in the name of God"

Article link: https://healingelaine.substack.com/p/celestial-litigation-in-the-face

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